Sunday, November 19, 2017

Craft Show Pictures!

Hello Everybody!


This Post is Picture Heavy!
 You've been warned, but take a peek anyway!!!
I signed on for 2 Craft Fairs
this year!
The first was last Saturday Nov 11th.
It was here at the Community Center where
I live! For my first Craft Show here, I didn't do too bad!
I did make back my fee and then some! So not a loss
at all! I had my second Craft Show, yesterday!
It was held at the Elks Club here in town!
I met the 'organizer' at one of the stores I frequent
and we chatted and found out she was a crafter too!
She asked if I'd like to be a vendor at the
'2nd Annual Christmas Fair'!
I said yes...this time I rented 2 tables!
I have a lot of stock that takes up much
'Real Estate'!
(Found that out last week!)
So as you can tell, I have been very busy making all
my items for the Craft Fairs!
I will share some pictures of my Craft Show
items with you all!

Here they are!
These Cards are in a 4pk box
Not a great picture, but the 4 cards
above are in this Acetate Box with envelopes too!
These are the 4-4pks of Christmas Cards
I am selling!

I bought these Marshmallows to go
into my Snowman Soup pack...I then decided
they were cute enough to stand on their own!
I used different pack of marshmallows in the Snowman Soup!
Here is a pic of the other
Marshmallows used! 
Here is the packaged Snowman Soup!
I added a Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate/Peppermint
to the 'Soup'!
This is the 2x2x2 Treat Box...filled with
Hershey's Hugs and Kisses!
Here is a picture of two of them!
I used 3 different Stamp Sets for the Tag!
It says...Merry Wishes with Hugs and Kisses!

My Santa and Snowman Mints,
and Grinch Pills!
(Mint M&M's)!
And Elf Pillows (Soft Peppermints)

I saw these stickers at the store and I
just couldn't resist! I had to trim the legs down
so they feet with shoes would fit on the topper!

And I couldn't forget the 'Fur' kids!
Milk Bones Biscuits!

And Kitty too!
Friskies Party Mix!
 A Mint Tea Bag wrapped! 
And the saying...there is a Card on the other
side of the pack that has the same saying inside!
This is a Great Gift for your BFF!
The Completed Packages!
You can see the Card on the
bottom package!

The Reason for the Season!

I can see Linus from 'Charlie Brown's Christmas'
reciting this Scripture to Charlie Brown!
Luke 2:11-14
 The Christmas Mugs!

This is a mug filled with in items below!
After Repackaging these, I added
2 Mini Moos and a Hershey's Nugget
to the packaging!
The back of the package!
Here they are Repackaged!
Holly and Berries!
The Cocktail Napkin behind the cup
matches the Cup!
The Cardinal!
The napkin matches!
Berries and Pines!
Used the same Holly Napkin!
Wreath in the Window and Cardinal!
Used the Cardinal Napkin again!

This is a Note Card pack that doesn't
have it's topper on yet!

Here they are with their Toppers!
The one is just another Non-Christmas
pack of Note Cards...I also made Christmas Packs!

My Cold/Flu Survival Kit!
This is the Cold/Flu Survival Kit!
Not finished...Below, packaged
for the Show!
What a Great 'Get Well' Kit!
Yes it does have a 'Get Well' Card inside!
(sign card, reinsert in package, then seal
the package and give!)
This is a smaller kit, 'Just A Cold' Kit!
Cup of Soup-Kleenex-Decaf Tea!

Microwave S'Mores!
Enough supplies to make 4!
The back of the package!
Here are several
Card/Gift Card Holders!
2 different Santa's!

The Star of Wonder!

The Gingerbread House DSP
from last Christmas!

This years 'Merry Little Christmas' DSP!

Under the flap it says
Merry Christmas!
The Following Pics are Mugs I made
from Cardstock and called them
Tea and Biscuits!
I cut paper to size and then Heat-Embossed
before scoring and folding!


I wanted to show the Red ones too!

The Cocktail napkin behind the mugs
have 'Nutcrackers' printed all over!
I used the 'Christmas Around the World'
Embellishments for each package!
Here are my Christmas Pencils!  

Aren't they Cute?
I also packaged and selling
My Fairy Cards!
4 to a Pack! 
I had 2 different Christmas Tag
boxes of 12!

I have a lined Post-It pad and a
Jr. Legal pad covered and with pens!

Here are my covered Post-It Notes!


These below are a fun stocking stuffer
for co-workers!
'Homemade Fudge!
Read the saying!!!

Cute, Huh?
I would say, many Christmases ago, this
is what I would have done!!!!!
Below are a couple of my Snowman Nuggets!
I love these guys!
Thank you Beth McCullough!
And lastly...Individual wrapped
Ghirardelli Squares!

Raspberry, Caramel, Blueberry, and
Peppermint Bark!
Here are the pics for my tables set up!
I had 2-8' tables!
From the right side towards the left side... 
From the Left side towards the right side...
The Left Side...
 The Right Side...


 Left side, back side view...
 Right side, back side view...
The Center of the 2 tables!
The Back View of the center!
You can see my work items behind all!
I did get many comments on how beautiful my
items were and how they liked the displaying...
I did make the 'rent' back and then some, but I didn't
'Fair' this well with the 2 year I will pick up
2 more shows, in addition to the same 2, I did this year!
We shall see! I do have a good idea of what many people
liked, and bought...and then again what they loved and didn't just never know! But, I had fun!
I will be giving most of these items to friends and family!
I will save the cups for next year...the contents will be
new to the cups, when I repackage the items!
I am not getting ready to drive over to WV to spend
Thanksgiving with my Sister and her Family AND
with Dad! Daddy decided to stay for the Winter and
will go back up to RI in the Spring! It is warmer to
stay where he is for the Winter and then go to RI
where it is a bit more cooler in the Summer!
So I am Happy! I will be able to spend this Holiday
with my Dad, Jim Holiday! Yup! my maiden name
was Holiday! Hence, the name of the Blog!
I will be away so I wish you ALL a very
Blessed and Loving Thanksgiving!
Until the next Post...Many Blessings to you ALL!